Ditch Preparation

To ensure an uninterrupted flow of water to your property, please make sure that all private ditches are clean and clear of overgrowth, weeds, leaves and trash. It is the responsibility of the water user to maintain their ditches. Be sure to inspect ditches for gopher and other rodent damage and repair as needed before the irrigation season begins.

2017 Irrigation Season

This year, Ochoco Irrigation District Celebrates its 100th year of delivery to the Prineville Valley. The 2017 irrigation season is scheduled to begin the week of April 18th. Water allocation this year is three-acre-feet per acre. All water deliveries or changes must be ordered through the office. Water orders may be placed by calling 541-447-6449. If you are calling after office hours, please leave a message.

  • Celebrating 100 Years of Service