Water Order & Delivery

All water deliveries or changes must be ordered through the OID office. This includes orders to turn water on and to turn water off, with no exceptions. Please know your head gate number(s) when placing an order. Orders may be placed during non-office hours by leaving a message at 541-447-6449.


When placing a water order, please provide:

Your name.

Whether water should be turned on or turned off.

The date the order is wanted.

The amount of water needed in cubic feet per second (c.f.s.) or the number of sprinklers.

The head gate number or location.

The Ditch Rider’s name.

Ditch Riders cannot accept water orders on their patrol, resulting in no delivery.


It is important to order your water off when you are not using it. Failure to do so will result in your account being charged even though you did not use the water. Unused water becomes tail water at the end of the canal, which is measured daily with the surplus being taken out of the canal.


OID has a split payment system, with charges due and payable as follows:

First Half Due April 1

Second Half Due July 1

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